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Sport in Past Times is an oral history project funded by the Heritage Lottery and run by Age Concern Calderdale in partnership with Calderdale Council Museums, WEA Calderdale TV and Crossley Heath, Ryburn Valley and St Mary’s Schools.

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Sport in General 1 | Sport in General 2 | Sound and Vision | Ryburn Valley HS | Leisure Time | Crossley Heath | Clubs and Organisations | Childhood memories | St Mary's PS | Football | Women | Rugby

The project runs from January to December 2007 and has recorded the oral history of recreational sport and leisure in Calderdale between 1920 and 1980. We have explored recollections of pastimes, games, sports and activities which would otherwise be lost forever.

By documenting, promoting and celebrating older peoples’ memories we will be able to preserve an important source of 'living history' for the future.

For further information please contact Kate/Lynne or Chris at Age Concern Calderdale.

Phone: 01422 252040

Imagine a world without computers, gyms, playstations, mobiles, satellite TV and iPods. What did people do with their leisure time? More info